Friday, November 18, 2011

New Old iPhone 4G

I recently got a new iPhone 4.  Ok, it was my girlfriends iPhone to be exact, so it's not really new.  But heres the problem I ran into.  I had previously used my MacBook Pro to sync and backup her phone.  Now that it was mine, I wanted to back it up fresh.  So I wiped out the iPhone using the restore, but everytime I plugged it into the computer, it would automatically start syncing and restoring all of her apps!  Frustrating.

But alas, there was a solution.  I had to create a new library for iTunes to use separate from my girlfriends.  On the Mac all I had to do was hold down the "option" key when I opened up iTunes and this allowed me to pick the directory that I wanted iTunes to use for its library.  I created a new directory called "Jon's iTunes" and simply selected that.  All of her stuff is not in the library so now its as if my girlfriend never even had the phone.  Excellent!