Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thought of the Day Thoughts

I used to post daily "Thought of the Day" back when AIM was still popular. I would then archive them so I could read them later and chuckle. I've since lost them all and with AIM not as popular, I've have stopped posting. But recently I've decided to try and get back in it on my gchat status and to archive them, I'll save them here in the form of posts. So hopefully this is the first in a series of them. Thought of the Day: Courtesy of Cheryl, actually the girl in the article actually reminds me of Cheryl. The article really makes you think though. How often does jog by groping really occur? Is this a real problem? Or is this just one of those crazy Canadian things? Something to think aboot.

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Unknown said...

really? ur first thought of the day is about jog by groping??? i would expect something nerdy like this: