Monday, June 9, 2014

RubyNation Recap

This weekend I attended RubyNation, a great Ruby conference right here in DC.  Well technically it was at Silver Spring, MD, but still; I had a fantastic time.  All of the speakers and attendees were wonderful.  As usual, the best part was the human aspect.  Connecting and talking with people from all around the world that share the same love and passion that I have is something truly special and this conference was particularly fantastic.

That isn't to say the talks/presentations weren't amazing also.  If I had to sum up some of the main takeaways, they would be:

1.  Always keep reaching.
Do things outside of your comfort zone.  Force yourself to grow by challenging what you know and what you think you can do.

2.  Give back to the community.
Open source survives because a bunch of awesome people dedicate themselves to solving problems so you don't have to.  Do your part and give back in any way you can.

3.  TDD is not dead.
Writing good testable code is not a bad thing.  Knowing what to test and how to test can help you get insight into what you are building and can lead to a better design and better code.

That's it for now.  After the talks get posted online, I'll link them here.

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mike said...

Glad to hear you had a good time. #1 is a great point, since thats the only thing that will really let you grow. I'd be curious to get a full debrief about that session.