Monday, May 13, 2013

I've never wanted the app

I found something funny while backflipping through the internet (a funner imagery than surfing) and ran into this little gem:

Hilariously foul language aside, the site is a collection of those annoying "Get the app!" advertisements that sites normally force you to click through before getting to the content.

I remember when I used to first run into these things, the flash of anger I'd get when realizing I'd have to click out of some annoying popup or page.  But it became so ubiquitous that eventually I not only came to accept it, but expect it.  It wasn't until they were all highlighted on this site did I realize how commonplace it was.  Why would I want your app?  Why would I want to download a single purpose tool that is only minimally better than your already mobile site?

So what really makes this so annoying?  The fact that you built a mobile app doesn't make me annoyed.  Build whatever you want, it's the fact you are throwing it in my face.  "Hey look at what I made.  Aren't I cool?  Don't you want it?"  "Well no, I don't want it, and I'd wish you'd stop asking already."  It would be nice if there was a place on the screen (of offscreen on some menu) where I could click a button and download the app if I were so inclined.  But making me tell you over and over I'm not interested makes me feel bad for you, and bad for myself for having to keep breaking your heart.  "I'm sorry website, its not you its me.  But if you ask me again I'm going to have to hurt you."

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